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May 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
is that china is four times more people than the united states. that means four times more people to feed, to howls, to take care of. >> i think we have a graphic that shows that. there we are. >> income of per-capita -- income per capita is less than one-tenth of the united states and even by the year 2015 will not catch up anywhere near us. in a really severe totalitarian society like north korea, you could disregard people, star of them and put all of the resources into the military -- >> we have information on the screen derived from the world bank. but this is happening, though. you cannot buy a piece of clothing in the united states that was not made in china, practically. i am sure proud of his jacket, made in haiti. it's sort of looks as though they have taken us over, in a sense, and it creates anxiety and also the great sense that our jobs have gone to china. >> first of all, economists tell us this increase in trade benefits everybody. so, we are getting cheaper jackets than otherwise. but i actually agree that to the degree we are opening ourselves up to china, it must be much
May 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
address that? >> what is going on there is making its way toward the united states, particularly in this election year, where we see some already trying to tie this president, who they claim to be a socialist, with someone who won in france as a socialist. we see the political unwinding of what happened in france in this election year. that does speak to your point with regard to republicans and democrats. >> austerity is often cutting government programs, government wages, government retirement. are we waiting for that in this country and how is it going to play? >> we say we are, but i do not believe we really are. the talk about cuts reminds me of a concern, and that is, who is going to be bearing the brunt of these cuts? it is one thing if there is some shared sacrifice and pain that is balanced across divisions within this country, but we already have significant problems with poverty, for example. homelessness is on the rise in some parts of the country. if we go too far with austerity, you could end up cutting off your nose to spite your face. right, but to call what is ha
May 27, 2012 9:00am EDT
, and there will be a confrontation one day, east and west will meet in the personages of the united states and china. >> i hope some people that listen to wes will join us. -- that listen to us will join us. as young people say, let's cool it. >> i say cool it. does that make me young? >> offensively. i guarantee it in writing. all natives, to be fair, have a tendency to divide us against them. it is easy to blame the outsider for problems rather than admitting difficulties and failures. from the get-go it is tempting to make and the series -- adversaries. it is quick to get on the escalator, and we have been there, declaring nations as a threat. japan for a while was greatly feared, and i am not talking about just world war ii, but in recent years with economic success that is similar to the economic success of china today. what we need to do is read examine the question of how we are going to deal with china, which is clearly on going. first of all, we should remember that the economics growth of china has been exaggerated. the growth rate is rapidly slowing down, and more importantly, china has four times more p
May 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
in the united states but i am talking with tim. how did you get into radio. what is it about radio that said come here? >> i worked as a co editor-in- chief of my high school paper in college. >> where was this? >> in maine. i said i would like a job in your news department. i was told we do not have the news department, however, we need some part-time disc jockey board operators. that is how i started doing announcements for the metropolitan opera and running the board. >> the board is this huge thing in front. it takes great skill. it is used for different programming, sounds, your predecessor and joe matthew and the house ofg comments is not always very polite. there are enormous pieces of debate. and sit down, you fat faced twit. and every now and again, he would push the button and you would hear that. i wanted to go away. i do not want to hear it again. >> one thing i will say is the difference between where i started in radio and where we are today where i work at sirius xm is like the difference between driving a model a and driving a rolls royce. >> which is which? >> sirius xm is d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4